Our Vision

To deliver cultural innovation.


We’re developing social experiments which result in positive outcomes for humans. Big ideas, big change.

As a collective of like-minded individuals, we have a broad range of experience in applying design thinking methodologies. At our core we rely on the utilisation of behavioural science and technology. We have made many products, created compelling technology applications, marketed ideas and designed many services. 

Our approach is simple, we ask ourselves: How might we ______?

The vision? We are here to deliver real value to society. This is our passion, this is not our day job, this is what we do at home, in coffee shops, wherever and whenever we can.

Each experiment is designed with the explicit requirement to help people. Whilst we aren’t a non-profit organisation, we will never act for the purpose of financial gain at the cost of helping people.

If you are seeking something meaningful in your life, you might want to join us. We know that the best solutions can often come from the fringes of disciplines, industries and society. So if you believe in making the world a better place join us at one of our monthly discussions.

How might we help our fellow humans? Well, that’s what we’re trying to figure out – together.

Daniel Tremayne-Pitter   Founder, The Cognition

Daniel Tremayne-Pitter
Founder, The Cognition