Currently Exploring Sexual Health - EXperiment Cycle ONe

How might we better manage our sexual health?


Our first experiment aims to tackle one of the most challenging subjects that faces people across the globe – sexual health.

Whilst this subject of sexual health is actively being tackled by the World Health Organisation alongside governments and private companies. However, the successful prevention of the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STI) is still largely unsolved.

It’s important to note that the developed world has advanced Genitourinary Medicine greatly and the effectiveness and availability of treatments has never been higher.

Education surrounding the risks of STI transmission is higher than in previous generations and reliable testing for STI’s and treatments are widely available – yet infection rates still persist or in some cases increase year on year.

The changing psychosexual landscape is having a dramatic effect on transmission rates. As our culture and relationship to both technology and each other changes, so must our ability to manage our sexual health.

Welcome to the techno-sexual era.

Cycle One is dedicated to exploring a viable mechanic which allows individuals to understand and manage their own sexual health.

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